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Paint spraying help and advice, runs, blooming, micro blistering, silicone and crazing, here are some common paint problems.

Paint spraying problems questions and answers

Q: The item I have spray painted has a white and cloudy finish.
A: This is called paint Blooming normally caused by cold or damp conditions, the gases used as propellants in aerosol paints will make this problem worse, also cheap grade thinners, blooming is normally associated with Cellulose paints.

Q: The paint finish has a crackling effect almost like it has paint stripper on it.
A: This is caused by the original paint finish not being compatible with the paint you have just applied, a very common problem when over coating Synthetic paints with Cellulose or some 2 pack products..

Q: The paint finish has tiny air blisters just under the surface.
A: This is called Micro-Blistering, causes are cheap thinners or paint contaminated with water or oil, if using an air compressor it can be water/oil in the tank and airline. Another cause can be solvent entrapment, to much paint applied without leaving the correct drying time between coats. Micro blistering can occur several months later, normally when the weather gets damp.

Q: The paint finish has cracks at random almost like an earthquake.
A: This is called Crazing, the most probable cause is to many paint applications, normally found on bonnets and roofs of cars. Crazing can also be caused by incompatible paint products or incorrect re coating times. Constant use of car washes can also cause crazing.

Q: The paint finish has small craters in it, like fish eyes.
A: This is called silicone, caused by many products the most common is silicone sealer or spray near your work, WD 40, furniture polish, silicone spray, paraffin heater etc. Siliconing is worst in cold conditions, always de-grease your work and apply a very light first coat to help avoid this problem.

Q: The paint finish is lumpy almost like an orange peel.
A: The orange peel finish is caused by under thinned paint of spray pressure is to low.

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